Simple Makeup

The face is the most dominant part of the body of the entire appearance. Make up for it is a matter that is obligatory for you, especially the women, to improve the appearance of your gorgeous face. Here are practical tips Makeup you need to know:

1. Looks Smoother Skin Striped?
Either due to fatigue or too much exposed to air. You can do the following things. Clean your face, then use a moisturizing spray (facial sparay) before using a regular moisturizer. Facial Spary (Make Up Face) contains a lot of moisture, which when sprayed will be absorbed by the skin cells so it will fill the wrinkles and fine lines are. The result wrinkles and fine lines will not be too visible stand.

2. Face Looks Tired?
Take a short massage is beneficial for blood circulation. Clean your face and then use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type degan. Put moisturizer while doing a brief massage of the face. Massage, massage your face with circular direction. Then compress the face with a circular direction. Then, compress the face briefly with ice cubes to refresh the appearance of skin. Use a liquid foundation can also be used as an opportunity to massage Pretty Face. When using liquid foundation, provide information by patting with fingers.

3. Eyes blackened circle?
To fix this use foundation and concealer. Afterward, use a highlighter, then Dab powder. Highlighter serves to enlighten and reflect the light so that dark circles had seemed sketchy

4. Your skin looks dull?
To fix this, use the Make Up Facial scrub when cleaning your face. Then use a moisturizer that contains reflective granules such as ULTIMA Glowtion or The Body Shop Glow Enhancer. If you want to apply makeup, choose Make Up Make up a fresh face. For example, by using pastel and bright shades of pink for skin and makeup with shades of cream and orange to brown skin.

5. Looks Tired of your eyes?
Use eye drops that eye redness is gone. Then, Trim eyelashes and use mascara for the eyes look more open. The next step is to use a white eye pencil on the inside of the lower eyelid, so the eyes will look fresher.
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