Health and beauty facts about aloe vera

Alo vera is a member of lilly family.The sanskrit name of aloe vera is "Gheekunwar".This aloe  is native to North Africa and Spain.This Aloe Vera juice contains healing juice ,it contains 96%  water and  remaining  4%   contains 75 essential nutrients that includes Vitamin A,C,E.Alo Vera juice is non-toxic with  rare side effects



Medicinal uses of Aloe Vera:

1.Used as a medicine for intestine problems and acts as a regulator for intestine.It facilitates digestion,activates blood circulation

2.Good medicine for liver infections ,this aloe vera improves the liver function and also prevents scarring of liver

3.It acts as a medicine for itching,this aloe vera prevents the itching that occured due to the   insect bites,allergies.

4.Aloe Vera heals the wounds,aloe vera is beneficial when included in ointment,lotions,creams.It cures the wounds due to its moisturizing property.

5.Skin care is the one of most benefits of aloe vera.Aloe vera is used mostly in Dermatology.It acts as a good moisturizer,cleanser.It cures acne,dimnishes wrinkles,softs the skin.It is widely used for curing sun burns.

Conditions in which the aloe vera should be avoided:

1.Aloe vera should be avoided during pregnancy .

2.Aloe vera should be avoided for atleast two weeks after surgery(Any type of surgery).

3.Aloe vera should be avoided by the people who were suffeering from piles.

For diabetes ,blood pressure,ulcer patients,they need to consult doctor before going to use the aloe vera.

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