Keeping Make-Up Lasting Longer

Retaining make-up in prime condition is a challenge for us busy. But what can we do to make up can last longer.

Here is some tips for long-lasting make-up:

1. Concealer + Brush
Use your fingertips to apply concealer. Quite a speck of it and blend gently on the dark areas under the eyes. To blend concealer to look natural, coated with powder, use a powder brush.

2. Shape cream blush
In a cream blush naturally it will be easier to fade, but use it in large quantities is not going to make it last longer. Tricks are often used make-up artists are above apply talc powder blush on cream that you just wear. This will make blush last longer but your makeup does not look excessive.

3. Liquid eyeliner
Do not worry if the eyeliner fade because your makeup will actually look riveting (such as makeup style smooky eyes). But if you want a solid eye line and not easily fade, use a liquid eyeliner that is more durable than eyeliner pencil.

4. Lipstick + Foundation
There is a trick commonly used by make-up artists that lipstick color does not fade fast. Dab foundation with your fingertips on the entire surface of the lips and then use the new lipstick. Besides the color to be more flat, lipstick can also stick around longer
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