Beauty tips to remove tanning

Most of the men and women getting suffered from the tanning problem.Tanning means the darkening of the skin due to the sun exposure.Due to the dull and dark skin one loses there appearance.With out the bright and healthy skin  it is impossible to have a beautiful appearance .In order to overcome the tanning problem ,there are some natural remedies .Tanning can be cured naturally without any artificial lotions,creams etc.

Natural home made remedies to remove sun tan:

1.Lemon juice:

Due to the sun exposure there will be a dead skin .Inorder to remove that ,prepare the lemon juice.Mix the sugar with the lemon juice and apply that juice to the skin where it has affected due to tanning.This will help to reduce dead skin and improves the fairness over that.It should be used a scrub while bathing .It should be appiled in the spherical movements.

2.Baby Oil:

Use baby oil for the severe tan i.e if the result of the tan is extremely dark on the entire part of your body.Baby oil works good for this.Apply baby oil same as the lemon juice and rub it on the skin.Let it remain on your body for some time.After a few minutes take a shower .

3.Baking Soda:

If there is a extreme tan.It can be reduced using baking soda i.e kitchen ingredient.Make a baking soda paste and apply it on the affected areas of the skin due to tanning.Mostly the face and the neck get darkened due to the sun exposure,in that case this baking soda acts as a good cleanser.

4.Curd for removing tan:

Curd is used to remove tan .Apply curd to the face and skin before going to bath.This gives the healthy and shining skin.

5.Turmeric powder:

Mix turmeric powder,curd and honey .Apply this paste to your skin for 20 minutes  and then clean with the cold water.This gives the shiny skin.So that it cures the darkened skin that occured due the sun tan.

6.Sandal wood powder:

 Mix the sandal wood powder with almond oil and coconut oil.Apply this paste to the skin for the half an hour and wash it.So that you can get rid of the tanning.

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.you use really simple home item like lemon juice and baby oil etc.

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