Natural Makeup

Makeup for the party does not mean that heavy makeup with striking colorful and versatile sparkling sheen nan. You can display natural colors that make you look special and charming. The steps you can do yourself at home.

There are several steps you can take now to keep makeup looking natural. The first step you should do is clean your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type. After that give moisture to the skin becomes moist. For those of you who have oily skin should use oil absorbent paper.

Next use foundation to cover blemishes more perfect. If you have a problem with eye bags should use concealer to cover your eye bags are problematic.

To confirm your eyelids, eyelid that give scott a deeper impression. Then use a mixture of silver, baby blue and beige. Then your eyebrows with a dark brown color. To the corner of the eye pertegaslah with dark brown color mixed with gray.

The next step is to make highlights how thin sweep of white color on your eyelids and silhouettes mixed with baby pink. If you want to give the impression of excellence on the nose, apply a thin beige blush that gives shade to the part.

In the sweep of blush on the cheeks that seemed dramatically by giving colors to suit your overall makeup. Note that using blush on as smooth as possible.

The final touch your makeup can make the lips look more sexy and fresh, use glossy lipstick. Do not forget to give extra eyelashes to enhance your makeup. Well now you are ready to look more beautiful with the natural makeup.
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