Practical Diet

If you want to learn how to diet after having excess body fat is a natural thing, other than a sense of body weight also makes it an unpleasant appearance. Weight loss is a problem that sometimes makes us confused, because contrary to good food is hard.

Sometimes we all look always tempted and tempted good food again so the ability to withstand calorie foods and high fat is not accomplished. As a result the body becomes weak excess fat or in other words. Condition of excess body fat even this is very risky to disease, from diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and many more. Thus many who want to know how the diet is safe, and painless.

Below how the way you need the practical diet.

1. Reduce or avoid eating cream soup, choose broth soup with no cream. Cream will add calories to your diet.
2. When eating try to eat foods that are low in calories first and kemudia to more calorie foods. FIRST vegetable / fruit first and then rice and side dishes.
3. Chew your food slowly. This measure is effective enough to make you full faster so that it can be said this move effectively as a healthy diet and fast way.
4. 600 calories can easily fit into the stomach by eating cookies and snacks. Try to limit eating snacks and pastries.
5. Instead you buy food outside, would be better if you bring food from home. Bringing food from home will indirectly help limit your lunch. You often hungry belly look delicious food that is not displayed in the outcome?
6. Use a smaller plate than usual. smaller plate indirectly will help you put less calories into your body because it was as though you've eaten one plate full plate when you are actually small.
7. Do not get used to eating midnight.
8. Reduce the use of salt in the foods you eat.
9. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. This is the minimum amount.
 10. Avoid fast food that you often eat malls as very unhealthy.
11. Diet is the best exercise to aerobic exercise.
12. Do not miss the main meal. eat 3 times a day, not less. eat 2 times a day is not the way a healthy diet that's right.
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