Acne Disappear Without Medication

Disappear Without Medication
Sometimes we are so lacking in confidence when going out and being embarrassed by acne growing on the face. If you want acne does not reappear, you can read and practice the following tips!

Most of us think of acne can only disappear with the drug. How natural herbs and healthy lifestyle changes also proved powerful to drive out rogue pimples on the face.

1. Diligent Using Acne Mask
Natural honey mask is one of the most suitable for expel acne. Because honey naturally contains a lot of anti-bacterial that can kill germs and eliminate acne. In addition, natural honey is also safe for sensitive skin.

2. Do not Let Covering Face
If have long hair, tie or clip to try not to touch your face. For our daily activities, we can make the hair contain a lot of oil and dirt. Dirt and oil face touching the face is the source of facial acne.

3. Try to wash your face twice a day
During a day of activity, dust, pollution, dirt and bacteria are certainly a lot of stick in our face. So that dirt does not last long in our face, do not forget to wash our face at least twice a day, morning and evening before bed. It's better if there are use soap-based anti-acne sulfur.

4. Eat Carrots
Eating Carrots in order to get your intake of beta carotene (vitamin A). Because the substances contained in beneficial vitamin A to strengthen the fibers that protect the skin, therefore, can prevent acne. In addition, it is also effective to reduce the production of sebum in the skin. In essence, vitamin A powerful to maintain and repair the tissues that make up the fiber and leather.

5. Multi-Vitamin Drink
Besides for dirt, acne also indicates that something is wrong in our body. Because healthy skin is totally dependent on nutritional intake and the nutrients we eat. If malnutrition and nutrition, the body will produce excessive sebum that clog pores. These reactions than would trigger acne also reduces the skin's ability to heal and fight bacteria from outside the body.
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Lesa Mitchell
July 30, 2013 at 8:28 PM delete

Acne scars can be very troubling. The presence of acne on the skin certainly does not do very much to improve appearances. The redness, the inflammation, the pus filled whiteheads, and other issues associated with acne definitely can harm your skin’s look.
So, to deal with these problems, many will end up popping and picking at their acne. Doing so might be one of the absolute worst things to do. The reason is you end up with acne scars which might end up being worse than the actual acne you suffer from. desiring blog

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