Everyone likes to eat carrot because of its sweet taste. Nobody knows about the health facts of carrot.Mostly we think that eating carrot helps to decrease eyesight.But there are many health benefits of carrot.Eating carrot prevents different types of diseases.

Carrot prevents the cancer:

Eating carrots can prevent the breast cancer,lung cancer.Including carrots daily in  the diet can be used to cure many harmful diseases.Breast cancer can be found mostly in middle age  women.This problem can be overcome by the  carrots.This carrot is a good medicine for every mother.Lung cancer can be seen mostly in men due to the smoking.Lung cancer causes mainly due to the genetics and smoking.Eating carrots can save the men and women from lung cancer and breast cancer.

Lowers heart  risks:

Eating carrot  can prevent  heart diseases .Due to the carotenoids present in the carrot ,there is a less chance of heart diseases.So include carrot in your diet daily.It also reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood.Many of old age people  get suffered form the heart risks .In order to reduce this problem  in old age ,eat the carrots.This is the very easy way of preventing the heart diseases.Eating 6 carrots a week reduces the stroke problem.

Anti-aging medicine:

Carrot is a good anti aging medicine.Many of the skin problems like acne,dry skin can be avoided by eating the carrot.It helps to slow down the aging of the skin cells.So eat carrot and prevent the problem of aging of the skin.

Keeps your teeth clean:

Carrots keeps your teeth clean after eating meals.These carrots eliminates the dirt from the teeth and gums.The minerals present in the carrot were used kill the germs present in the mouth and it reduces the damage of teeth.Stains on the teeth can also be controlled by the carrot.

Good vision:

Carrots provides good vision for eyes.Retina needs the Vitamin A.Lack of Vitamin A causes night blindness.
By eating carrots most of the eye disease can be prevented.The beta carotene present in the carrot is very useful to improve the vision of the eye.
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