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Shoes not only serves as footwear, but also has become a part of one's appearance. For women's shoes, footwear models sold there are various kinds. The following information may be useful to increase knowledge about what footwear models that exist.

A variety of women's shoes that is the Open Toe Shoes, Pump Shoes, Sling Back Shoes, Wedge Heel, Kitten Heel, Stiletto, Slippers, Boots and Sports. You want to know what are the different type of shoe?

Open Toe Shoes
As the name suggests, this open toe so your toes as your thumb and index finger visible. The backs are generally covered, so both are used in formal or informal events. The advantage of using this shoe the foot does not sweat so much more convenient.

Pump Shoes
Pump shoes squash shoes interpret. So called because it resembles the toe of a pumpkin, half-round shape. These types of shoes fit when combined with a mini skirt.

Sling Back Shoes
This type is characterized by the rope wrapped around the ankle. Often also called moccasin. Suitable for use with the A-line skirt that can give the impression of feminine appearance.

Wedge Heel
These shoes can be reserved for those who feel uncomfortable with small heels. Wedge Heel mean with the right kind of shoes that have the same size from front to back and blend with the soles of shoes. The right shoe is not easily broken and is suitable for those of you who have more weight

Kitten Heel
The purpose of these shoes are low-heeled shoes. More suitable when used in casual occasions.

With the front of the pointed and sharp right height, this shoe fits if you use the dress in the party because it can create the impression feminine and sexy.

Also called slipper. With the back open slippers and sandals like these can be used when you want to look casual but want to remain memorable polite.

Covered the entire shoe. Boots there are only up to his ankles, half calf and there are up to knee. Like the cowboy, this shoe is perfect when used with jeans.

Often referred to as sneakers. Shoes that are used during exercise.

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