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Natural makeup is makeup that is timeless. This tends to match the makeup applied on all skin types, especially if you have brown skin. Make up is properly used everyday. With make-up is not excessive, you will look naturally beautiful. How to apply natural makeup on your face?

Other terms of natural makeup is makeup transparent, this term is appropriate for someone who is applying makeup will look as if it did not make up. To get a natural look, colors are used to make up these colors are not flashy, colorful, natural colors instead of pink and brown around is selected.

Healthy skin will make the skin look fresh and naturally beautiful. If you have a healthy skin, you will not need the help of make-up colors that are not natural to cover your skin. Fresh cheek color tone that will add beauty face.

To maintain healthy skin, you should eat healthy and drink lots of water. Healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits may be an option. Fruits and vegetables can be an antioxidant that removes free radicals that effect makes the face not pretty.

Besides food and drink, exercise plays an important role for the skin. Exercise will make the blood vessels can work optimally to deliver oxygen, if a lot of oxygen, the skin will look more beautiful.

In applying makeup that becomes important is the selection of color foundation color satisfying. It will make you look not mask make up premises that had me doing. As for the blush, eye shadow or lipstick, the color pink, brown colors commonly used derivatives.

Do not forget remedy to clean your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type. If you want to "show off" your skin healthy, then just use a moisturizer without the need to use excessive foundation. Next, blend it the face using the powder to be a little tight.

Color Make Up Natural

Here are the colors of choice for your makeup that has been customized with the color of your skin and to create the impression of natural makeup:

Yellow skin
Foundation and powder, choose the same color as your skin tone. If you want to look whiter, use the color of his younger.
Choose a blush pink like baby pink.
Eye shadow, should be adjusted with the color of the blush.

Mature sapodilla
Choose a foundation powder the same color as the color of the skin.
Blush, use a caramel color that will refresh your face.
Eye shadow, Apply manarik colors like brown or orange.
Lipstick, pink or brown color options will appeal memnambah manufacturer.

Brown skin
Foundation, use a color according to your skin tone.
Do not mix with other foundation color is younger.
Eye shadow, choose a light color such as light blue or gray.
Blusher, eye shadow Customize, select bananas that are there.
Lipstick, lip gloss Simply use that appearance still looks light and makes lips look stunning.

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