How to Resolve Problems Lips

The beauty of a woman is not separated from the charm of the lips. Movement of the lips while talking not escape the attention of the listener. That is why, lipstick makeup is one not to be forgotten. If you do not have much time to make up,usually outward appearance remains a time to be lipstick on your lips. But did you know that every day should be lived heavy duty your lips and there are various things that can ruin its beauty?

Know Your lips

Consider for a moment your lips in the mirror. Did you see that little lips get protection? Lining the lips is very thin and very different from other skin layers. On the lips there are no gland fat and not overgrown with fine hairs that can protect it. Lips are also very sensitive to the sun so need protection from the sun.

As one of its functions, the lips become the entry of food and drink every day in pretty much frequency. Though the food and drinks could have contained substances that can damage the lips.

The physical condition of the lips are so risky and external problems faced make lips need special protection from both inside and outside the body.

Here are some things that can cause damaged lips, among others:

Lipstick or other cosmetics for lips that are not appropriate or expired can make the lips become damaged spots marked by the emergence of redness and itching of the lips.

Solution: Consider the content contained on cosmetics before you buy. Check the expiration date and discard if cosmetics cosmetics already looks broken. Keep always cosmetic hygiene so as not to be the growth of bacteria, keep them in a fitting and clean the lips before using lipstick so that the dirt that is on the lips do not move to the lipstick that can cause contaminated lipstick.

Ultaviolet rays (UV) which is in sunlight can damage the lips. UV can make the lips become chapped, burning, swelling or raised brown spots. It is more serious as a result of sunlight can make the collagen that is found on the lips become damaged. As a result of the breakdown of collagen is the appearance of wrinkles on the lips.

Solution: Use a lip balm that contains at least SPF 15 if you want to leave the house. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, you can repeat the use of lip balm.

Destructive Habits
Lip biting habit, open something using your teeth or lips wet with saliva should be avoided. Habits can cause chapped lips and sores.

Solution: Remember how the damage that can result from habit, then try to immediately stop the habit.

With increasing age, the content of collagen in the lips come down so it no longer looks supple lips. Aging on the lips look of lips that look rough, wrinkled and seemed fine lines. However, the lips may also experience premature aging prematurely. The cause of premature aging of the lips include sunlight, free radicals in the body, food and beverages consumed and nicotine contained in cigarettes.

Solution: Use lipbalm is still needed in order to prevent premature aging caused by the sun. Another solution is to reduce the food and drink that can be damaging as fried foods, coffee, tea and stop smoking. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables especially those that contain lots of vitamin B and vitamin C are very good so lips look fresh.

One of the diseases that are harmful and will damage the lip is cancer. Lip cancer will be greater occur if there is a history of family members who experience it. Other causes include sun, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

Solution: Stop smoking and alcoholic drinks and still protect your lips from the sun by using a lipbalm that contain UV protection.

In addition to the above solutions that can counteract damage to the lips. You can also perform maintenance on the lips so naturally beautiful example by drinking lots of water and put honey on the lips before bed. It will make the lips become moist and looks beautiful.
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