Beauty Scrub Cheap and Practical

In addition to eating a variety of fruits and vegetables that have been mentioned in the previous discussion, to maintain healthy skin, we can use a variety of herbal plants. In addition to fragrance, minimal side effects, and the price is cheap.

Here are some scrub that can be used.

1. Scrub Jasmine.
Scrub Jasmine has a soothing effect, anxiety, cause sexual arousal, sensitivity, reduce depression, cure cough and helps alleviate pain while menstruating. Besides being able to make the skin more clean, white and smooth, this scrub can also be therapeutic relaxation and stress.

2. Strawberry scrub.
Strawberry scrub contains salicylic acid, which is useful to help tighten the skin. In addition, there are vitamins B, C, E and K and is good for skin health. This scrub is suitable almost by different types of skin. With a distinctive fragrance, making this scrub is suitable as relaxation therapy.

3. Chocolate scrub.
This chocolate scrub to moisturize dry skin because of the cold, besides, chocolate body scrub can also protect the skin from pollution, and to help soften and smooth the skin.

4. Scrub Coffee.
Scrub Coffee has benefits for the skin and make skin brighter. Besides this scrub can also eliminate fatigue on the skin, and improve circulation and circulatory O2 edge.

5. Scrub avocado.
Scrub avocado useful to moisturize the skin, brighten and even out skin tone.

6. Lavender Body Scrub.
Lavender Body Scrub to provide nutrients to the skin and make the skin smooth. In addition, aromatherapy scrubs can also be a mosquito repellent.

7. Scrub roses and Scrub lemons.
Scrub roses have benefits for the skin, making the skin smoother and provide nutrients to the skin. while Scrub lemons are very useful for detoxifying and slimming body. In addition, the amount of vitamin E in the fruit is worthwhile to counteract oily skin. In addition, it can help to exfoliate dead skin. This scrub is suitable for you who are in diet therapy, because it can destroy the fat under the skin and prevent premature wrinkled skin.

Actually, in addition to one of the most easy and inexpensive to care for the health and beauty of skin, which is by drinking water. Some of us may already know that most of our body is fluid, approximately 90 percent to be exact.

In many cases, many people can survive without food, however, is not to be separated from the liquid. The importance of fluids in the human body makes body fluid needs should always be met.

Lack of water is not good for the body. Lack of fluids will make your body absorb the moisture content in the skin.

It can make your skin dry even wrinkled. By consuming water can protect our skin from the outside, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin.

For that reason why water is said to be the least expensive beauty treatments. Simply consume 8-10 glasses per day. With insufficient fluid needs to make skin health and beauty intact.

Maintaining the health and beauty of skin has to be done by everyone, not just the women alone. Healthy skin is also identical to a healthy body. Healthy skin will at least make people happy to deal and interact with us. However, ways to spend a lot of money can be avoided. If it can be done, why not to look for a cheaper way.
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