Causes Which Makes Us Tired

Makes Us Tired
Not sure what causes you frequent? Here are some things that cause exhausted;

1. Sitting in one position for a long time.
Sitting in one position for long periods of time can affect your energy use, including when you are watching TV or working with your computer. Therefore, frequent moves, get up from a chair, or just walk around for a while so that your body back in good shape.

2. Poor posture
Poor posture also affects your energy. Posture leaning forward or leaning on the chair will put your spine is not properly thus making your body feel. The more your spine is not good, the more muscle you have to work to compensate. So when you're moving, sitting, or standing, try to position your body upright, not slouch.

3. Wrong Diet
wrong Diet, such as a diet low in calories, especially who only consume less than 850 calories per day will make you feel more tired and may also interfere with you. If you want, eat healthy foods, avoid fast food, avoid foods that contain high sugar, and reduce your portions.

4. Less exposed to light
If you are not exposed to light such as sunlight or the lack of fresh air can also cause your body to feel. So get out of your house even though only a few minutes a day in order to get enough light and fresh air so that your body will remain fit all day.

5. Breakfast with foods that are high in sugar
Breakfast with sweet foods such as refined cereals, pastries, toast spread the sweet jam is going to give a quick energy surge caused blood sugar levels which can also be reached its highest level. However, the high sugar levels will be quickly dropped a few hours later. The result? You will run out of energy. So to get a stable energy throughout the day, avoid foods that contain a lot of salt and sugar. You could try wheat bread with eggs, and milk.

6. Worrying about something all day
If you are worried about something all day, your heart rate and your blood pressure will increase, as well as your muscles tighten, causing exhausted on the body. So, you should as much as possible to find solutions quickly to allay fears in order not to burden your mind throughout the day.

7. Exercising with excessive
Regular exercise is good for health, but do so intensively every day will not affect either your energy level. Sports and sufficient rest so that your health and energy level is maintained.
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