Food diet to treat cough

To prevent the respiratory diseases that cause cough,foods rich in Vitamin C,A and E  should be taken

1.Vitamin A can be found in large amounts in animal foods i.e liver,egg yolk,blue fish and butter.

2.Vitamin C can be found in the fruits like oranges,lemons,grape fruits.

Orange juice for every 2 hours:

Orange juice diluted in warm water for every two hours  is best remedy for the cough.This can be taken till cough attack is reduced.

Grape juice :

Grape juice  sweetened with honey is a very good home made remedy for the cough .This is one of the useful syrup for the cough.

3.Vitamin E can be found in vegetable fats i.e is wheat germ oil,sunflower oil.

Foods to be taken  during cough:


Honey soothes the throat and prevents the throat pain that is caused due to severe caugh.Grape juice mixed with honey is a good syrup for cough.


Garlic treats cold and cough very well.Garlic cures the throat infections .Mix the chopped garlic with a glass of hot water and remain it for 5minutes.Drink this liquid when it is warm inorder to get rid of cough.


Ginger tea is a good syrup for the cough and soothing the sore throat.Glass of ginger tea is used to loosen the thickened mucus with in the respiratory system,so that it can be easily expelled when the person coughs.

Foods to be avoided during cough:

It is very important to know about the foods  to be avoided during cough .
Ice creams,cool drinks,vinegar,red meat,pickles,sweet foods,oily foods,fried foods should be avoided during cough.

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