Whiten your teeth with banana peel

One of the most important thing in our face is smile.White teeth is the main reason behind the beautiful smile.
Along with the whiteness of the teeth,strongness is also important .Many filmstars spend lot of money for the treatment of teeth.But there are some home made tips for the treatment of white teeth  like vinegar,baking soda .These tips may give some side effects for any one .So there is a common alternative for every one  to gain  a white teeth.Banana peel is useful to get the white teeth.    

Due to coffee,tea,drinks there occurs strains on the teeth.Smoking makes the teeth yellow brown.Even brushing two times a day may not give the whiteness.In that case banana peel is a useful tip.


Simple tip with banana peel:

1.In order to gain white teeth take a banana and clean it thoroughly,so that it doesnot contain any dust.Clean it with cold water.It is very important to clean the banana because,you have keep the banana in your mouth.
2.Dry out the banana peel after washing it with clean water.
3.Cut some peice of the banana peel.
4.Smile really big inorder to keep the banana peel on your teeth.
5.Rub the inner skin of the banana peel on your teeth for 2 to 4 minutes.
6.Actually banana peel contains magnesium and potassium.When you rub this innerside of the peel on your teeth these magnesium and potassium transfer into your teeth.These minerals acts as a teeth whitening agent.
7.Repeat this procedure two times or several times a day.It will not harm your teeth.
8.But the peels should be used with in two hours after cutting them.Because after two hours this peel may lose all minerals.
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