Lose more weight with little changes in your diet

1.Keep serving dishes away from the table:

Every one completes lunch or dinner easily by keeping the serving dishes on the dining table .This is not the correct way.If you keep your serving dishes away from your dining table there is a less chance of eating.There is a chance of more intake of food when the dishes were nearer.So inorder to lose weight gradually ,follow this tip.Its very easy to follow and its funny too.

2.Go for a walk immediately after a meal:

Exercise makes us our body perfect.So there is need of exercise atleast four times a week.In order to be fit go for a walk immediately after a meal.We all feel it as a tough thing,but its very useful to reduce  our weight gradually.Walking is one of the good exercise.Many of them neglect the excersise mainly at weekends.Nearly you are losing exercise for 12 days a month,if you stop doing exercise at weekends.

3.Reduce fat with walnuts:

Lose weight by eating walnuts.These walnut is not only good for cooking ,also helps the heart.Walnuts were used to reduce cholestorol levels and risk of heart diseases.These walnuts contains minerals,Vitamin E,B and many of the studies have suggested only handful of walnuts a day.So reduce your fat by eating walnuts daily.

4.Start meals with soups or salads:

Eat soups and salads to reduce your weight.Add these soups and salads before your meals.It is helpful to reduce weight.It helps you from over eating and controls our intake of food.


5.Chew more to weight less:

If you want to lose weight here is a easy tip to follow.40 chews per bite is very useful to lose weight.There is a relationship between the chewing and weight loss.The more you chew,the less you eat.So chew more and eat less.Obviously you can reduce your weight.

6.Drink water before meal:

Drinking water before meals makes your stomach full and reduces hungry.Take two cups of water befor a meal.This is very useful tip.Just try it.
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