Wrong Beauty Treatment

Wrong Beauty Treatment
Wrong Beauty Treatment , Every woman must have longed to have skin that is clean and bright, and attractive appearance. Of course, in many ways will be done to get maximum results. Maybe unconsciously you have made ​​some mistakes in doing beauty treatments, and you think it has been done correctly, However, there is often some common mistakes women in beauty treatments, Different ages, different error acted, It's no longer about the model or the wrong color, but its effects on the health and youthfulness of the skin itself, Ultimately, the money spent to look beautiful instead turned to make someone look ugly.

These errors are often carried out without you knowing :

1. Spraying perfume on wrist.
Using the right perfume supposed to squirt on pulse points at the neck for this area is warmer and will help spread the fragrance.

2. Bed without cleaning make up.
Take the time to clean make-up because it takes time to renew skin cells, Make up is not cleaned up can clog pores, causing acne, and irritation of the eye, Which if clogged pores can lead to process blocked, making the skin becomes dull.

3. Using the wrong cosmetics.
The habit of using expired cosmetics, taking cosmetics with a finger, or put back the remaining excess cosmetics can cause acne and skin irritation, So, remove all products that have changed color, its texture and flavor, Try to touch the products using cotton buds or cotton. Or pour a little into the palm of the hand, then applied to the face.

4. Ignoring cosmetic hygiene.
Do not let the beauty tools are not cleaned so dirty for too long as it will pile up germs when you use on your skin and cause acne, Clean at least 2 weeks with warm water lukewarm.

5. Not diligent exercise.
Do exercise regularly every day because the exercise is not only good for the body, but it also makes the skin glow due to the increased blood flow throughout the body, including the skin.

6. Sleep less.
By keeping the rules of good sleep and was certainly very important in keeping your skin. During sleep the enzyme will work to repair damage, reduce toxins and distributes nutrients to the body's cells.

7. Monotonous hairstyle.
Do not always rely on the pieces hairstyle is always the same, as it would seem boring. Instead, make small changes to the haircut so you look more refreshed appearance overall.

8. Too frequent shampooing.
Shampooing every day is only for people who have oily hair. Too often wash it will stimulate the scalp to produce more oil, Try to stop shampooing every day is slowly, especially if the hair is not sweaty or too much sun exposure.

9. Too much glitter.
In any eye shadow, blush-on to bronzer, there are tiny glitter particles content that makes the face glowing and sparkling sensual. Perhaps you intend to perform best, but adjust levels used glitter. Do not get eye-to-cheek to the neck, so you'll want to look like a concert, Besides looks menor, glitter particles also makes the face tired and cause wrinkles faster.

10. Too thick make-up.
When the arrival of skin acne, blemishes, spots to uneven color, cover up with make-up is not the solution. women will tend to cover the whole face with a super thick foundation to cover such small stains. Use concealer with the right colors, and blend with a touch of foundation and finish with a powder puff last.

11. Shaving eyebrows.
If you do not know your face shape and eyebrows have, then go to a professional eyebrow shaving. One of shaping the eyebrows can make you look creepy. Covering one eyebrow razor eyebrow pencil will make you look like a clown. If you have bushy eyebrows, not made ​​sharp or dived to look fierce, one form will make you look like a vicious shrew.

Happy reading and hopefully useful.
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