Tips Hair Coloring

Tips Hair Coloring
Hair is the most beautiful crown held by women. To add hair to look more beautiful, Hair coloring has now become a trend that can not be separated from the lifestyle. Where it is easy we will see women or men with hair color colorful, But, you know frequent hair dye can damage hair and make it more sensitive and easily broken?.

Do not want your hair damaged by hair coloring. You'll want to pay attention to the steps that must be done before you decide to dye your hair, For before and after coloring hair there are some specific steps you should do, Before doing coloring, you should test the sensitivity to give a little hair dye on the back of the ear lobe, If there is itching, then your scalp does not match the chemicals contained in them, The process of staining the skin that is not sensitive and sensitive definitely different. In the sensitive skin can apply dye on the scalp, but for those who are sensitive to hair dye, can only apply the dye on the hair alone, For sensitive skin, should you do the coloring at salons that have been reliable, There you can consult a stylist about the sensitivity of the scalp, or hair color that matches the characteristics and activities.

After getting the right color, you want to keep it and do not want your hair look unhealthy because of it. For that, do not ever do another chemical process after dyeing. Allow about two weeks for your hair, then you can do other chemical processes such as straightening or curling, because, at the same chemical process can make the hair brittle and difficult to manage. The process of staining alone should destroy the hair cuticle to insert pigment into new hairs will not imagine what your hair if other chemical process after dyeing.

To be able to maintain colored hair, you need a special shampoo and conditioner colored hair. Your hair requires a shampoo that contains protein protective color and extra moisturizing, This special shampoo and conditioner to soften coarse hair due to the coloring process, Use a conditioner that contains sunscreen as the sun can eliminate moisture and accelerate the loss of hair color,Resilience hair color depending on the treatment, In healthy hair, the color can last 4-5 months, but if your hair is not healthy and will be sensitive to color quickly faded, Also do not wash it too often, You can wash it once a day maximum. You also are advised not to rub too hard as hair coloring process makes the hair more sensitive and fragile, Try to do a deep conditioning once a month to keep your hair moisture, Reduce use a hair dryer that is too hot or use a hair clamp.

As additional information, After staining, to make the color last longer, rinse hair with a mixture of lemon juice, The content of lemon will give strength to the hair color.

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