Minimalist Makeup

Minimalist Makeup
Make up is one of the basic needs for women, because the makeup will make us more confident. Moreover, if we apply it with minimal makeup or natural makeup, because the makeup minimalist us look beautiful and charming. Actually how to wear make-up is not difficult, you just need to adjust to our circumstances or our situation. Before you know how to make up minimalist you should be sure in advance the color that matches your skin, or close to the skin color you have, because it will show the impression of a minimalist in your face. you'd have to wonder? how do I make up a true minimalist and kind.
Let's see how below:

1. Choose a foundation with skin color or the same color as your skin, and also adjust the color of the powder that you wear, whether it's powder or pressed powder.

2. If you have acne scars, acne scars should be covering it by using concealer.

3. For those of you who have thin eyebrows should use eyebrow pencil with a dark color, and for those of you who have thick eyebrows use brown eye shadow with a brush brow length. After that, brush your eyebrows to show the impression of natural and minimalist.

4. Wear eyeliner by pulling your scalp with one finger and start applying the eyeliner from the inside of the eye to the outer end of the eye, After that, use lipstick with soft colors, the colors will make your lips become more cutesy.

5. The final step is to use a blush pink color, to highlight the impression of a minimalist and natural.

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