Banana Benefit

Banana Benefit
Banana Benefit, Fruits other than healthful to eat, can also be beneficial for the skin, and Nutritional vitamins can be directly felt to make the skin beautiful, Bananas are rich in vitamins and essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins, namely C, B complex, and B6, With fruits that exist, you can create a mask of fruit that will make the face look bright and clean, Besides natural, making masks the fruit is very cheap, so the beauty treatments do not have to drain your pockets, Bananas have good efficacy for the face, By using it, our skin will be moist and chewy, Very Good to rejuvenate the skin.

How to make a mask out of a banana is :

Combine half a banana with a tablespoon of oatmeal, a teaspoon of fresh milk powder and one teaspoon of honey. Apply the mask on the face, leave for half an hour, then wash with warm water. Use once a week.

In addition bananas are also health benefits Among them are:

1. Bananas can also help regulate the body's digestive system as well as maintaining regular bowel movements regular, The content of pectin in bananas can prevent constipation, Based on the research, eating bananas regularly may help reduce the risk of gastric cancer.

2. Bananas can also counteract high blood pressure. Potassium levels high enough bananas can help prevent high blood pressure and stroke. That is the reason why doctors often advise patients with high blood pressure to eat more bananas.

3. Banana is good for the kidneys, because the potassium found in bananas have side effects that are good for kidney health. While the body gets enough potassium intake, the body will control the spending of calcium in the urine properly. This condition will make the kidney function optimally and also prevent the formation of kidney stones.

So from now provide bananas are always in your home, you'll be able to prevent diseases that would come over to your family, the saying goes better to prevent than cure, good luck and hopefully useful.
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