Mint is a wonderful medicine in many cases

Mint is useful  for everyone in many ways.It is used to gain the health and beauty.It also cures from the skin diseases and stomach diseases for both men and women.So this mint is used in the medicines in ancient days.It has widely used by the Greeks , Romans and the doctors of China and Japan.

 It is mainly used as a good medicine in these cases


For the stomach indigestion problem ,decoction made  with mint leaves  is a good medicine.

2.Soar Throat:

For the soar throat problem add salt to the mint decoction and gargle with it to get relief.

3.Fresh breath:

For the fresh breath chew some mint leaves.


In the case of menstrual cramps the mint tea acts as a good medcine.


For managing the stomachache, boil some mint leaves in milk and  add sugar to it.Drink that milk to get relief


In case of acidity and diarrhea ,mix 5 teaspoons of lemon juice,2 teaspoons of honey,1/4 cup of mint juice.

7.Dry skin:

Those who were suffering with dry skin apply  mint juice to the face at night and wash  your face in the morning.

8.Dark circles under eyes:

Crush some mint leaves and apply its juice under eyes.

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