Type Cosmetics For Modern Women

Cosmetics For Modern Women
One of the most common items found in the bag was a bag lady cosmetic. But of the many items, especially cosmetics makeup carried in a bag and taken anywhere, it is not entirely effective because it is only used used as complementary goods, and sometimes some products become outdated.

Here are some cosmetics that shall be taken away:

1. Lipstick And Lip gloss
Wearing lipstick is absolutely essential for your makeup. But when eating and drinking, lipstick color will fade. Lip gloss makes your lips shine and fuller without excessive color intensity. Combine the two for maximum results.

2. Mascara
Eyelashes thick and tapering into a value-added in the makeup because it helps the eyes more expressive. Using mascara is a solution to get the perfect eyelashes, Bring a thin mascara to make the appearance look more natural and thicker version with a large brush to make lashes look bolder.

3. Translucent Powder
Wearing make-up is right it should not look like bermake-up. Efortless sweep will reveal natural and natural beauty. Transculent powder gives skin a thin layer to control the oil that often looks shiny in the face. No matter how busy you are, retouch back outward as face powder was starting to sweat and oily.

Tip: Before taking the powder again, use wax paper beforehand to absorb oil on your face, then apply the powder all over the face and neck.

4. Eye Shadow
Wearing eye shadow to make a dramatic impression at night and make your eyes shine in the daytime. eyes would be emitted by wearing eye shadow. Eye shadow can be used as an eye liner for a simple look with the eye shadow by applying a thin line of eye, Eye shadow neutral colors suitable for casual events and is used during the day. For a more dramatic impression choose gray and black.

5. Concelear
Imperfections such as acne, dark spots, scars and circles black to the eye can be transformed with a concealer. In contrast to the foundation, the texture is lighter and more devoted to cover areas that are not perfect.

The colors concelear there are green, blue and yellow and every color have their respective functions. For example, to cover the red spots, acne and scars. But experts warn that the color-correcting concealers difficult to use properly, and if you do not know the proper way, the face end up looking even worse than before, so you should use neutral colors.

Happy reading and hopefully useful.
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