home made tips for the joint pains

Joint pain is generally  due to illness,injury, old age conditions.One of the most common problems encountered by the people due to their sedentery life style is joint pains.Weakness in the joint can lead to the joint pains.Now a days many people suffer with joint pains irrespect to the age.This is due to the junk food,heredity,over fat etc.If there is a perfect diet,then we can control the joint pains.


Some of the food items that can be taken by the people who are suffering from the joint pains


Milk  should taken daily inorder to strengthen the body joints.

2.Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits contians Vitamin  C .It has prevention of bone degeneration and also helps in the strengthening the joints.Oranges have maximum amount of Vitamin C.Doctors suggest that consumption of citrus fruit juices provides 35% additional Vitamin C than consumption of fruits.
Apples,Bananas,Strawberries,Red grapes are also useful to reduce joint pains.

3.Green leafy vegetables:

They have large amount of fibre which gives the flexible movement of body.It contains anti -oxidants that can relieve any type of joint pains.Spinach is the best source of anti-oxidants.


Onions contain high  anti-inflammatory properties that prevents joint pains.So add the onions to the soups,salads.Ginger also helpful to reduce joint pains.

5.Green Tea:

Green Tea contains EGCG compound  that prevents the production of molecules that damage the joints.


Try turmeric with milk at nights,this can be used to reduce joint pains easily.


Generally every one suffers from stress .This stress is caused due to the free radicals.Almond  contains Vitamin E and  it protects  from the free radicals.Usage of almonds daily can neutralize the free radicals and prevents joint pains occuring.
Fish and olive oil also helpful to avoid joint pains.

Foods to be avoided:

Pastas,deep fried foods,white bread should be avoided in order to reduce  jont pains
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