Breast Care to Keep Toned

Breast Care
Has the form of sagging breasts would make women less confident. And usually will sagging breasts after she has been married. The reason may be due to the breast of the mother to breastfeed her child. To shape the breast can be toned again definitely take care that breasts can be solid and not loose anymore.

Having the taut breasts, healthy, smooth and beautiful a dream of every woman. To be toned and beautiful breasts should definitely know how to treat breast is good and right, The skin on a woman's breast is very thin and will be very easy to lose moisture. Therefore, your breasts takes care of your own that aim to avoid the extreme drought that results in wrinkling of the skin of the breast.

Below are tips that can restore smoothness and tighten the breast :

1. Perform Hydro Massage
Hydro massage technique is one very effective way at all to avoid wrinkles that occur in the breast area. This hydro massage you can do yourself. How hydro massage is to massage the breast that had previously been washed first with cold water, then massage in a clockwise direction for approximately 10 minutes. You can give special attention to the area of ​​folds of the armpits and the area under your breast. This hydro massage serves to drain the blood circulation and can tighten your breasts.

2. Do Massage With Milk Ice Cubes
In addition to the above hydro massage, you can also do massage using milk that has been frozen first. How, massage your breast milk by using ice cubes, but you have to remember is you have to do it slowly, because the breast skin is very sensitive at all. This method is very useful to soften, and can brighten and tighten your breasts.

3. Do Sports
People who are healthy and fit body, usually diligent exercise. Similarly, in treating breast to keep it tight. Be diligent to do push ups because it is very useful to tightness the muscles you have in your breasts. Another sport that is fast breast using a barbell. Lie down, then bend your knees and begin to lift weights using both hands simultaneously. then pull down your arms slowly. You can repeat up to 10 times.

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