Basic Make Up To Form Eyebrows

In this technique makeup, eyebrow shaping is also noteworthy. Formation should be adjusted to shape eyebrows and face shape eyebrows of every person. Form eyebrows in trying to follow the existing eyebrow shape. We live to make the correction only, in order to form a more perfect eyebrows and look beautiful. Do not make the eyebrows are too much different from the original. This will make your eyebrows do not seem natural. So try, make the eyebrow shape, eyebrow shape followed the original with slight modifications, to make it look neat and nice. Would be great, if you use an eyebrow pencil, but do not make the line too thick and too assertive side with eyebrow pencil. Use an eyebrow pencil to give the impression of thickness only. You must first prepare the necessary equipment, namely small scissors, eyebrow tweezers or a knife, and eyebrow comb, eyebrow pencil.

You can follow steps how to shape eyebrows are presented below:

1. Horizontal eyebrows.
With the help of scissors and eyebrow tweezers or a knife, make eyebrows rose slightly at the outer end, but not too long angle. Trim with eyebrow comb and eyebrow pencil.

2. Thin eyebrows.
Form thin eyebrows just a bit of tidying up and thicken it. Eyebrow pencil scratched at the base and middle of eyebrows thin layer only, so that the appearance of your eyebrows look natural, not artificial pencil. (Do not be too strict in making a line with an eyebrow pencil). Trim with eyebrow comb.

3. Eyebrow up.
Eyebrow pencil scratched a little flat at the outer end of the eyebrow (eyebrow base), then lower the tip. Trim with eyebrow comb.

4. Sharply angled eyebrows.
This form must be refined in order to angle the eyebrows become less sharp. Perlembut shape using an eyebrow pencil on the angled section only. If it still seems too sharp, move the horizontal strokes with an eyebrow pencil on the basis of the eyebrows.

5. Wide eyebrows.
Do thinning wide eyebrows, using a knife or eyebrow tweezers and scissors. Customize the shape eyebrows and facial bones with your eyes. Then trim the eyebrow comb. Be careful in cutting or the cutting eyebrow. Do formation with raised eyebrows a little upward with your fingers, so that does not hurt skin eyebrow when smoothed, the skin under the brows tighter and is not wrinkled.

Formation eyebrow is one basic makeup techniques that should be known, in order to shape eyebrow are made not to be stiff and still looks natural. Formation eyebrows too over or too out of line with its original form will give the impression that will actually make a person's face looks weird. So, adjust the shape of their eyebrows as natural as possible, but still neat and orderly.

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