Tips Using Farfume

Tips Using Farfume
Perfume is a tool to eliminate odors less pleasant to our bodies, as well as a body beauty, even in some perfumes is considered as a tool to increase self-confidence and has become part of life of most people, but use less true perfume will make the scent is not pleasant, Everyone generally liked the fragrant aroma, That is why, before going to the office or to a party use perfume might have become a must for us, because with a fragrant body, we will feel comfortable and confident, especially when going to meet someone special, you certainly do not want to leave a bad impression with an unpleasant body odor, However, prices are not cheap perfume makes us have to be able to maximize the use of perfume that is not too spend too much, just to buy farfum.

Not everyone can use perfume correctly, How to wear perfume that may cause the fragrance of the perfume is not durable even make the stain or change color on clothes or equipment that we use.
How to use perfume correctly so that the perfume we wear durable are:

1. Do not spray perfume lightly to the body because the results will only be in vain. There are several points that are considered good for spraying perfume, Among other things, the wrists, behind the knees, inside the elbows, between the breasts, and under the throat, Some of these locations have an effective body heat naturally radiates perfume.

2. After spraying perfume on the body right, do not rubbing parts of the body, because it will cause the perfume to evaporate and not durable, Let the perfume dry by itself so long lasting fragrance.

3. In order to obtain the maximum effect, use perfume before dressing or rather just after a shower, because when finished bathing, your skin pores open and absorb maximum fragrance.

4. Do not use excessive perfume. Excessive use of perfume makes people around us will feel unpleasant and dizziness.

5. Do not spray perfume into the locations contained jewelry. because the metal jewelry or material may be damaged or discolored when exposed to liquid perfume. Wear first perfume before dressing, let it soak for a while, then wear your jewelry.

That's all I can share for today, good luck and hopefully useful. 
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