Bad Habits That Must Be Changed

Bad Habits That Must Be Changed
Bad Habits That Must Be Changed, Did you know that wrinkles, eye bags, and not just skin redness caused by sun or genetic? The little things you do every day can be the cause of it all, To get beautiful skin and good, probably just need to change the small activities of your daily course.

Bad habits you need to change are:

1. Do not shower or soak in hot water for long time, it's can scrape the skin. Too long bath with hot water can make the lipid layer (skin cell binding keeps them moist) so eroded. It is true that in a few hours later, the lipid layer is formed again, but during the process, the body's moisture will be lost in considerable amounts. Not to mention if the water contains chlorine which can make the skin dry and irritated. If you do have a shower with hot water, try no more than 10 minutes, in order to keep the skin fresh and moist.

2. Avoid grooming habits after washing your face in the morning, because the unconscious, hairdresser products may become lodged in the child's hair, which is around the face, In the end, there will be acne around the child's hair and clogged pores due to the products hairdressers, Steps that should be done is if you're shampooing at night, lay out the hair in the morning, Perform grooming first, then wash your face. If this is inconvenient, you can clean your face after grooming with special wipes the face before using make-up.

3. Avoid the habit exfoliates skin with grains (scrubs) from harsh ingredients that can damage the skin, and sleep sideways, because those who sleep sideways tend to have wrinkles. The lines due to the sheets are left in the face, if it happens every day will become permanent. Because the folds or wrinkles that occur every day and are constantly causing defective collagen, you should try to train yourself to sleep on their backs, Or, put a pillow on the bottom of the knee, This will give your spine neutral ante and makes you not want to turn over, The experts also recommended to change the sheets with silk sheets rarely clot, so that will not leave streaks on the face.

Good Luck And hopefully useful.
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