Carrot Benefit

Carrot benefit
Unhealthy lifestyle such as diet, drinking alcohol, drugs, and smoking, which can lead to acid conditions in the blood is high. consequently skin problems such as acne or dry skin appeared, All these skin problems can be prevented by performing routine maintenance such as consumption of the juice. As for the maintenance from the outside, you can also use carrots as a face mask, If the routine treatment using you will get facial skin always smooth, radiant and healthy.

Compared with other vegetables, carrots mostly contain beta carotene, study says high content of beta carotene in carrots can prevent cancer, because of the antioxidant may work against cancer cells, besides that beta carotene may help the immune system naturally, The content of pectin in carrots is very good for lowering blood cholesterol, This high fiber prevents constipation, potassium content can neutralize the acid in the blood, while vitamin A helps the liver eliminate toxins in the body.

For Beauty, Carrot believed to have benefits as smoothing the face, the way is take 2-3 carrots that have been peeled, then wash the carrots until they are clean, then grated and squeezed the water, Apply it on the face evenly in order to get maximum results, leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.

while the benefits of Carrots for health :

1. As already known by many people that carrots are rich in vitamin A. This vitamin is good for maintaining the quality of vision and eye health, If you regularly eat carrots, your eyes will not easily sighted.

2. Vitamin B is very helpful in the process of metabolism in the body, The definition of metabolism is all the chemical reactions that occur in the body, especially in the digestive process, the other is to keep the immune system so it is not easily attacked by diseases such as flu or a fever, It also keeps us from the heat in or thrush.

3. The process of the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells greatly helped if you regularly consume carrots, This is because carrots contain a lot of iron is very good for the regeneration of the blood cells. Benefits of carrots this one can be felt by people with less blood or anemia.

4. Calcium is quite high in carrots can help maintain the integrity of the bones of your body to avoid osteoporosis. Carrots claimed to be able to lower high blood pressure or hypertension. Very well in helping the process of lowering bad cholesterol, so avoid stroke or heart disease harmful.

5. High beta carotene in carrots can function as antioxidants that are good for fighting free radicals in the body, preventing cell damage and reduce the risk of various cancers and tumors. Benefits of carrots can also be felt by women who are menstruating or coming months. Carrots is believed to reduce pain or illness during menstruation comes.

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