The Efficacy Of Roses

The roses identical with fragrance and beauty. Not wrong if we choose it to be a loving flowers. This flower is often a symbol for those who are in love and be a special gift for a loved one, Traditionally, rose oil has been used for its effects on the skin. Safe for all skin types, rose oil rich in omega-3 and omega-6, it is very beneficial for dry skin, rough, chapped, sensitive, and aging skin.

Behind the beauty of the rose, it also contains the properties as a natural remedy. When you go on vacation to Bangkok, you will find foods made from roses. Many restaurants in Bangkok which offers a menu mainstay of this flower material, This flower is safe to eat and have some efficacy. Essential oils it contains geraniol and limonene which serves as an antiseptic, fragrant scent of roses are also often used as aromatherapy that is soothing and also improve mood.

Some of the benefits of a rose for Beauty :

1. Overcoming swelling of the face while acne coming. Acne is often cause skin redness and swelling, and all that can be overcome with rose water. This effect is called an anti-inflammatory which implies to overcome redness due to irritation, acne, or sunburned.

2. Useful for those who have oily skin as it helps reduce the oil's face. You can use it as a cleaning dirt on the skin, as well as oil remover.
3. Substances in water roses while you can use facial. When facial pores are open wide, causing redness effects and risk of skin inflammation, by using rose water can calm her down through the properties of rose water.

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