Eliminate Blackheads

Eliminate Blackheads
Eliminate Blackheads, Smooth face free of distractions certainly the dream of every woman, but, imagine if your smooth face always troubled by the stubborn blackheads, Besides damaging the appearance, blackheads can stimulate the growth of acne, blackheads appear because of our skin pores clogged by oil, horn cell layer, as well as bacteria on the skin surface.

Natural way to get rid of blackheads :

1. Wash your face twice a day, but do not wash face excessively, because the oil content will make the face disappear as a natural moisturizer.

2. Use cosmetics or beauty products oil free, noncomedoenic and waterbase. So that our skin is not easily clogged by oil.

3. Never squeeze the nose to remove blackheads, this way it will make the skin red and inflamed, Pores also will increase.

4. Facials and Peels your face regularly every two weeks. Thus, debris clogged in the pores will be raised to the maximum. And the buildup of dead skin will be lifted.

5. Mixed juice and soy beans used as a mask, leave for interval of 30 minutes, rinse as usual. Do this several times for maximum results or until your face is completely clean blackheads.

6. Do steam by way of steaming the face using hot water that has been given a tablespoon of salt. Wait up to 10 mnit, Salt water vapor helps to open the pores, capillaries dilate blood vessels under the skin and improve blood circulation to the skin.

Good luck and hopefully useful.
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