Tips Wear Foundation Hold Longer

Tips Wear Foundation To Hold Longer
Foundation or the foundation is the basis of all the makeup. In addition to smooth facial skin tones, foundation makeup also makes for longer lasting stick in the face, The use of makeup foundation as a base has been known for a long time. However, unfortunately there are still a wrong use of cosmetics on this one. Indeed, it is necessary foresight and patience when choosing the right foundation in order not to make the face look striped. Not to mention, about the application, Makeup should be applied in a proper way to survive throughout the day. Each beauty item that you are using a trick of his own to make it more durable in the skin.

 Way for Foundation Hold Longer : 

1. Using a foundation in solid form may be an option because it is more durable than liquid foundation. After affixed on the face, absorb with paper rose oil until the oil layer. Pressed enough to emphasize the face and do not rub-rub to his foundation did not go missing. Afterwards, a quick dab powder and blend.

2. Use Eyeshadow to keep your eye makeup is not easily fade, before applied on the eyelid first try using a foundation on the eyelids. Choose a foundation that does not contain oil.

3. Use eyeliner on the eyelid line, and use a transparent powder. How a small brush dipped in the powder and eyeliner brush along the lines that have been affixed in the eyelid.

4. Use mascara on the lashes, use a powder on top. In addition to keeping the mascara does not easily fade in this way also makes eyelashes thicker. Choose a waterproof formula that are not easily washed out by tropical heat and humidity. And as tips to avoid using mascara on the lower lid lashes, because it will wear off instantly melt on the cheek. Select the formula waterproof that are not easily washed out by tropical heat and humidity. Well, if you want to select the most practical or colorless clear mascara so if the bleeding does not leave scars.

5. use blush on the two different textures. First use the first blush on the texture of the cream, followed by blush on in solid form. Blush on solid absorbs oil from the cream blush on, and when the blush on a solid start to fade there are layers beneath it, the blush on cream. Although using two blush on the different textures, make sure they are the same color.

6. Use a lipstick in pencil form. Garisi whole shape of the lips and dab on the lips. Thereafter use the lipstick in the same color on the lips with lip liner. Absorb with paper towels, then place a lipstick again. Afterward, try to scroll the ice cubes in a newly painted lips lipstick.

If you want to always appear perfect in public, try the tips above and feel the difference, may be useful and good luck. 
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