Beauty Without Surgery

Beauty Without Surgery
Many ways to stay young and beautiful. In addition to the injections and plastic surgery is expensive, can also be a cheaper and simpler way. With makeup or hair and beauty treatments are right then everything can be overcome, It is the nature of women pay attention to the detail of the face and body. Wrinkles on the face, thick eye bags and laugh lines that too often make women dizzy in the head. Now you no longer need to fear, Beauty tips have some tips to overcome all these problems without surgery.

1. Avoid the rate cut bangs, but choose a longer bangs to frame the face. To prevent dull hair, apply olive oil once a week.

2. Apply blusher correctly, how to brush blush to the cheekbones. Application of blusher in this way can create the illusion of a higher and firmer cheeks.

3. Unplug the eyebrow hairs that grow irregularly. Do not pull up too thin because it will create the impression older. Neatly arched eyebrows will make the face seem younger.

4. Avoid the sun, because after 30 years of age, collagen and elastic fibers become damaged and sagging skin. So always wear a hat and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Due to ultra violet rays can cause premature aging.

It's all Beauty Tips, I can share to you all, may be useful and good luck.
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