Caring For The Right Hair

Caring For The Right Hair
Hair is like a crown to a woman. Every woman wants to have beautiful hair. However, because the wrong treatment can actually lead to hair damage. Various hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, hair stiff, hair tangled, branched hairs, as well as some other hair problems can be overcome by proper hair care. Not everyone has a healthy and shiny hair, there must be problems that arise in the hair starting from the dull, branched out to hair loss and dandruff, which certainly requires more specialized care. In addition to adding a plus for your appearance, your hair also serves as the chief protector of the sun. Caring for hair is fairly difficult difficult easy, and should use a proper way the article because the wrong treatment can actually lead to hair damage.

This is how to care for your hair properly:

1.Hair dandruff
Use anti-dandruff shampoo as often as possible and stop as soon as dandruff begins to decline. Avoid scratching the scalp to prevent infection. Consult a doctor promptly if after using anti-dandruff shampoo in 2 weeks no change or even scalp even painful, itchy, or inflamed.

2.Dry and damaged hair
 Use a moisturizing conditioner. Avoid coloring and curling process. At the time of shampooing, massage your scalp and rub gently.

3.Oily hair
Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Do not comb too often. Do not also hold the hair too often because it will make the hair so easy to get dirty. This type of comb that we use a comb with teeth is rare. Avoid the use of a meeting of the comb-shaped brush or comb.

4.Combination hair
The definition of combination hair where the hair is kind of oily scalp but dry conditions the hair, in dealing with this type of hair Use a shampoo only the scalp and hair conditioner only at the end. To avoid hair tip branching, do the ends of your hair every 6 weeks. In addition, use wide-toothed comb and comb-shaped avoid brush.

Hair Care That way I can give here, hopefully on Hair Care Tips can make your hair become more healthy and to make your own pride. may be useful. In addition to doing a little extra care in accordance degan hair type as above, we also have to maintain the nutritional intake of food we consume. Besides our hair when we feel unwell, we could cut our hair short hair while performing maintenance until we recover.
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