Avocado Mask

Avocado Mask
A face mask is the best way to clean your pores, helping to eliminate acne, softens dry skin, or just relaxing facial skin, and is the best natural ingredients for skin care, You can make your own natural face mask made ​​from avocado. because the avocado mask is perfect for dry skin due to sun exposure, Avocado is derived from the Aztec language ahuacatl. This fruit is originated from the area where the Aztec tribes, namely in the areas of Central America and Mexico.
At first the fruit was introduced by Martin Fernandez de Enrico, one of the leaders of the Spanish troops to the people of Europe, Since then avocado began to spread .

Avocados have a high nutrient content. Avocados contain at least 11 vitamins and 14 minerals that are beneficial. Avocados are rich in protein, vitamin E, vitamin A, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), potassium (potassium), and vitamins are useful for smoothing the skin. A mixture of vitamin E and vitamin A in efficacious skin care, because the combination of both makes the skin supple, removes wrinkles, makes skin look young and fresh, In addition, avocados also contain oleic acid which is a powerful antioxidant that can capture free radicals caused by pollution in the face. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals that will prevent the occurrence of disease and delay the aging process on face. After using the mask of avocado, dry skin will look fresh and bright, In addition to moisturize dry skin, can also brighten the skin. If you want to look pretty easy and safe way, it never hurts to try avocado mask.

How to make avocado mask is:

1. Mash avocado until smooth in a small bowl.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of pure honey to the mashed avocados that have been earlier.

3. Add yogurt, stirring until blended.

4. Peel cucumbers and slice two thin pieces to be closing in around your eyes. With the content of the soft natural astringent, cucumber is the perfect addition to avocado face mask.

5. Wash your face gently with warm water and pat dry. Apply the avocado mask to the face and neck, then place cucumber slices over your eyes, Let the mask attached to the face and neck for at least 15 minutes. After more than 15 minutes rinse your face and neck with warm water until all the masks lifted. Dry with a clean towel and dry.

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