Beautiful Korean style

Beautiful Korean style
Korean women's makeup style is becoming a trend, and much in demand by many as either still young or already married. You could also look beautiful with makeup to imitate them, Secrets remain Beautiful Korean-style make-up artist is indeed stout in search by young women especially, As we know, that many Korean artists, one of which is Song Hye Kyo is known for his natural beauty, The question is? Song Hye Kyo how to maintain the beauty and skin health?.

These Korean-style beauty tips you can do at home :

1. Brush BB Cream. 
BB Cream Brush evenly in order to cover up blemishes and smoothing facial skin color. Although the function is similar to the foundation, BB cream does not close the skin pores and cause acne. Furthermore, for longer lasting makeup you can use the powder and brush evenly over your face and neck. 

2. use eggs and honey. 
The trick is to use an egg white mask that is mixed with a tablespoon of honey. The mixture was stirred until blended and applied to the face and allowed to dry after it is rinsed with water. This technique is carried out every two weeks and do at night before bed, because the efficacy or function of egg mixed with honey can be used to help maintain to keep skin looking radiant white . 

3. Use of eye shadow. 
The use of white eye shadow to brighten your eyes. 

4. Use soft colors. 
Select soft colors like pink, purple, or yellow to decorate your eyes. As for the blusher and lipstick, choose a natural pink makeup that does not seem excessive, because the Korean artist edintic/synonymous with soft colors. 

5. Polish your eyebrows with a natural color. 
Do it several times to get the average thickness. Then that could eyebrows as you want, set to comb his eyebrows as beautiful as possible. 

6. Beautify your eyelashes. 
Eyes the main focus for the Korean-style makeup. If you do not want to use false eyelashes, pretty lentikkan your lashes with eyelash curler and mascara brush. Wear mascara from lashes to the bottom to the top, do the zig-zag over and over again so that the mascara does not clump. 

Those are some makeup tips ala Korean artists who can I share to this day, good luck and hopefully useful.
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