Mask Strawberries

Mask Strawberries
Every woman would crave skin is beautiful, clean and attractive, but sometimes a lot of women are busy, so forget the cleanliness of the skin that cause facial skin dull and less attractive to the point of view, is actually to treat facial you can do yourself at home with a natural mask made from various fruits, here I will share tips to smooth your facial skin by using a mask of fruit stobery. Natural mask of strawberries that are bright red, a lot of salisiat acid, a type of beta hydroxy acid that can make the skin become firmer, Besides other substances are silica, vitamin B,
vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. Strobery fruit is capable of rejuvenating facial skin as well as nourish the skin, usually mask of strawberries suitable for all skin types of women and men. 

How to make face masks from strawberries is: 
1. Separate the stalks and leaves of strawberry fruit 
2. Mash a few strawberries 
3. Whisk together the following ingredients separately, namely; a little egg white,1 tablespoon rose water, a few drops of essential oils are safe for the skin 
4. Combine strawberries that had been destroyed earlier by the above additional ingredients. 

all the material that was already mixed, apply on face,Let stand for about 20 minutes, Clean with warm water or rose water. Use cotton as a relief.

Good luck and hopefully useful.
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