Egg White Mask

Egg White Mask
Some people may not know the properties of egg white. Please note that egg whites have good benefits to smooth the skin and solve the problems on dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, Benefits of the egg white mask to remove the black spots on the face, brightens your face, your face will feel more refreshed toned and smooth, moisturize and smooth the skin, large pores, dry skin and oily overcome, and can cope with black spots acne scars, In addition to health, the egg is also beneficial for beauty.

In order to obtain maximum results, do an egg mask facial treatments on a regular basis once a week for dry skin, and twice a week for oily skin, do the following:

1. Break 1 egg white and then separate the yolk. 
2. Separating egg white was whipped in with a spoon until frothy 
3. Keep the egg white foam was thick as we shake dense foam

How to use:

1. Clean your face well in the wash and use a cleanser 
2. Apply egg whites until blended into the area earlier not in the eyes ya face 
3. Leave the mask on your face until it is absolutely pervasive in the face, dry or difficult to move your face. 4. Rinse and wash your face using warm water and a towel. 
5. If your pores to expand because of the warm water, you can use ice cubes to tighten his back. 

Hopefully useful and good luck
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