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Lemon is a fruit that taste sour and has many benefits for your health because it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. usefulness of which can be used as traditional medicine of various diseases including hemorrhoids, tonsillitis,Kidney Stones, diphtheria, fever or flu, acne, or dandruff Prevent Hair Loss, Sore throat, phlegm, stiff, high blood pressure. Besides it can also be used for slimming the body, eliminating body odor and increase stamina.
In addition to the very many benefits for health turns lime or lemon juice can be used for the beauty that is Shrink and tighten pores as well as Smooth and brighten skin,and also can remove the black stain on the face and eliminating acne is stubborn.

The trick is slice the meat and rub lemon juice on the skin, but if applied to the skin without any mixture of other ingredients can cause irritation due to the nature of the acid. The solution is to mix lemon juice with honey, benefits of honey, in addition to moisturize the skin also has anti-bacterial substance that can help damaged skin in order to quickly recover, Can also be made as natural mask to treat acne and prevent premature aging.

How to make lemon masks are as follows:

1. prepare 1 teaspoon of honey to add some lemon juice or lime juice is approximately 1:1 and a little olive oil.

2. Clean the face first and then apply a mixture of lemon juice, honey and olive oil and let stand until about 20 minutes. Try not to move your facial muscles.

3. when the mask dries before the 20-minute back rub remaining mixture to the face.

4. after 20 minutes wash the face with a washcloth in warm water or use the special cleansing Response from the bottom up and rinse thoroughly clean.

5. do not forget to end with a facial wash using cold water to close pores.

Do it once a week so the results can be maximized, good luck and hopefully useful. 
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