Tips Natural Diet

Tips Natural Diet
You have problems with your weight? If so, then there is actually a very effective way to solve the problem of obesity, One way is to go on a diet. Maybe a lot of people suffering from the diet sometimes, because a lot of the diet by not eating or drastically reduce food portions, by not eating or reducing portions that do not fit the rules is not a good diet for health, Because you are doing it this way, it means you do not provide proper nutrition for your body. This will cause the body to the nutritional needs and nutritional deficiencies, then you will feel weak and can even experience fainting.

Proper diet you can do is to choose foods that are going to eat, in addition to it we will also reduce the size of the meal in some degree, but not without rules.
How proper diet are:

1. Try doing eating only 2 times a day, probably when you'll start to feel hungry often, especially if you have different eating habits. For that you need to anticipate the delay schedule your breakfast at around 10:00 to 11:00 and for lunch also delayed schedule at about 16:00 to 17:00, and when you feel hungry at night you can replace it with the vegetable and fruits, and do not forget to increase drinking water.

2. Make it a habit that you do not eat too full as possible and chew food properly so that the nutrients more easily absorbed by the body, thus the amount of food you eat will be reduced because of the chewing you will feel full faster than ever before.

3. Try to keep regular bowel movements every day. If there are problems with bowel trouble you can find ways to make the process of your bowel movements smooth as the increase drinking water or eating a lot of fruits like papaya and mango fiber.

4. Perform minor burning calories with regular exercise such as jogging, gymnastics, swimming and cycling.

5. Avoid eating and snacking at night, because of the calories you eat at night will accumulate in the body in the absence of calorie burning activity.

Do it regularly and consistently, Good luck and hopefully useful.
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