Tips Overcome Oily Skin

Tips Overcome Oily Skin
Oily skin is characterized by the appearance of shiny and dull. If such circumstances last for many years in the pores of your skin can be covered by excess oils and can cause acne problems, Treatment options that can be used is to reduce the excessive discharge of oil with chemicals or harsh soaps. However, if it lasts in excess and too much oil will be reduced at some point it will make the skin dry.

As for how to deal with oily skin and treat it the right way is a difficult process, which requires a balance between reducing the discharge of oil without causing new problems, by making the skin dry. Actually, understanding the causes of oily skin is that it can find the right solutions to address them, some causes of oily skin on the face is :

1. Eating too many sugary foods and high fat can lead to much fat in the body so that the oil content in the body also increases.

2. Hormonal imbalance at puberty, too much production of sebum (oil under the skin) as a result of erratic hormone levels will trigger oily skin. Another factor that often happens is that the error in the use of cosmetics. Choose cosmetics that are not appropriate can lead to increased oil levels. Hormones also tend to be balanced for the duration of pregnancy in which the oily skin often become a problem for the women before delivery. birth control pills also can be a problem exacerbated this situation. Another factor that is known as the different causes of oily skin is a cosmetic problem and humidity or very hot air.

The fix is:

1. Avoid soaps that contain alcohol. So choose a soap made from natural ingredients such as sulfur soap or other soaps are made ​​from basic ingredients of olive oil, almond and avocado.

2. Avoid excessive washing your face, It could cause loss of sebum, the skin effect turned into a dry, scaly, and cause itching. So once a day just washing your face with a natural-based soap.

3. Note any that you want to use a moisturizer, moisturizer, although for most people it is so important. Adjust your moisturizer to the skin by giving special attention to the type of material contained in these moisturizers. Avoid moisturizers made ​​from chemicals or synthetics that can trigger an allergic reaction, dehydration, and acne. If the balance does not correspond in fact will cause excessive discharge of oil.

So that tips I can share to cope with oily skin, may be useful and beneficial to you. 
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Prachi Shah
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Interesting article!!
Never knew activated charcoal could do so much good to my skin! Definitely will try the activated charcoal & green tea soap for skin brightening & pimples.