Caring For Nails

Caring For Nails
Wise people say that healthy and manicured nails are a reflection of one's personality in maintaining her health and hygiene. Actually, feet and hand care is not difficult, just have to be done routinely, Not only the hair and skin is in need of care, but it is also necessary to nail care to support your appearance in order to always look beautiful and charming, Especially for women. 

Here are some tips and toes nail care that you can practice at home :

1. Be sure to wash your hands and feet nails regularly.

2. Cut nails in accordance with a cool shape like an oval, tapered, and rectangular. while the short term should be adjusted to your taste and comfort in carrying out daily activities.

3. Once the nail is formed in accordance with the desired, trim them with nail file to smooth not sharp, Do it with the direction of movement in order to get maximum results.

4. Provide nutrition on a regular basis on your nails, at least 2 times a week, in order to accelerate the growth of the nail itself. In addition the nail becomes brittle is not easy. Good nutrition for nails are Vitamin B and E, if it can drink plus eating fruits, vegetables and yogurt will make your nails stronger.

5. Please remove them and a thick layer of dead skin on your nails. Start from the bottom toward the heel of your foot and the base of the toes, on both sides continued erosion of the foot.

6. If you have dry nails type, you can use a moisturizing nail cream, moisturizing quality search and content first know that there is in it, not to use a moisturizer that is the chemical, because it can damage the nail.

7. Relax your feet with gentle massage, massage your feet with cream, to relax the tension on the nerves of the foot and accelerate blood circulation. because it's great for the future health of your nails, to keep it looking healthy and fresh.

That's Caring for nails tips I can share for today, may be useful and good luck.
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