Milk Mask

Milk Mask
Milk is not only a delicious drink but can also nourish our bodies, milk is also beneficial for skin beauty, Milk contains vitamins A and D which make your skin soft, Milk also contains beta hydroxy acid that makes it flaky dead skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells, The content of essential minerals such as iron, calcium, and copper in milk also has a cosmetic effect for you, which is to improve the health and strength of your skin cells, which ultimately makes your skin become more healthy and supple.

The content of protein, calcium, and iron in the milk that we consume every day will also slow down the aging process, and make the skin become white. Which is why, for hundreds and even thousands of years, milk has been known as a woman's beauty secrets, because the benefits to make your skin smooth, wrinkle-free and brighter, Milk also contains a substance called lactic acid, which has a role to naturally moisturize the skin, also helps exfoliate the dead skin on your body and stimulate skin renewal or growth of new skin cells are healthy, so the result is you will get beautiful and healthy skin.

How to make a mask of milk is :

1. Mix 1/4 teaspoon almond oil with 1 tablespoon of milk. Apply the mixture on the face with a massage, then let stand for a few minutes until the mask dries.

2. Apply evenly to the entire surface of the skin. Give extra attention to the local joints, elbows or skin folds are generally often overlooked.

3. Wait a moment and allow it to dry half. Rub gently, occasionally doing light massage with a circular motion. Make sure to rest scrubs and dirt on the skin was peeling.

4. Clean the entire body with warm water, and finish with a moisturizer spreads throughout the body.

Additional Information: Make sure your skin is not serious skin disorder At a minimum there is no wet or open wounds, and use milk powder in order to obtain maximum moisturizing benefits.

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