Traditional Hair Mask

Hair Mask
No need to go to the salon to get your hair beautiful and charming. If you can use a natural, why should that be an artificial way to drain the bag? Traditional hair mask is the answer.

Advantages of Using Traditional Hair Mask
What are the advantages of using traditional hair mask. Here are some answers:

Do not drain the bag
Can be made so that the size can be adjusted itself
More natural than the mask of chemicals that sometimes even damage the hair
Easy to make

How to make traditional hair mask? The following are the steps:
Traditional hair masks can be made from the following ingredients: aloe vera, pecans, various fruits.
Prepare the ingredients to make a traditional hair mask.
Peel and wash materials that no germs that stick.
Blend or mash the ingredients and Squeeze to separate the water with pulp.
Use twice a week.

Next is how to use a traditional hair mask? The following are ways, namely:

1. Traditional hair mask is usually used in conjunction with regular shampoo.
2. Match the type of hair and aim to make traditional hair mask with hair problems. For example, our hair is not too thick, then we can use aloe vera mask before shampooing.
3. Traditional hair mask is used before shampooing.
4. The use of traditional hair mask twice a week.

There are several things to consider related to traditional hair mask, namely:

1. Use a hair mask traditionally had no regular routine because if the results can not be seen.
2. We recommend using a hair mask traditional stages, for example: this month's traditional hair mask of aloe vera and different again next month.

Traditional hair mask allows everyone has good hair without the cost of expensive. Ancient paradigm that states that good hair is wrong it must be expensive because anyone can have great hair in a natural way.
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