Skin Healthy And Shiny

Healthy And Shiny
You must have often heard the saying, "Clean your face at night before going to sleep", it is very reasonable, Because according to the study, when the night turns skin cells eight times faster regenerate, also experience hormonal changes that can improve blood circulation to the skin. So at night it's expected ability to fight the causes of skin aging can be optimized. So that's the first tips to get a healthy skin glow.

Keep your diet with nutritious foods to avoid fatty foods and fast food, increase fresh fruits and vegetables are also regular exercise will keep your skin looking toned and healthy. Strive not to drink that contain caffeine such as coffee and chocolate, especially alcoholic beverages. Sleep patterns were also maintained. Get plenty of rest, can refresh the body, mind and also your skin.

Getting a healthy shiny skin can be by way of careful selection of anti-aging creams. Choose which contains retinol, which contain vitamin A which will keep the skin cells keep regenerating. But not for too long to use this material, just 4-8 weeks, due to the delicate and sensitive skin will be easily irritated. Usually the signs of aging is the presence of dark circles around each eye, so to keep this area can cream of vitamin K.

Use a moisturizer that is suitable and best for your skin. Choose a moisturizer (moisturizer) containing glycerin longer binds water, making the skin dry, moist and supple feel and will keep your skin from wrinkles acceleration. And pay close attention to your sleeping position. If you like to sleep on his stomach or side, will allow the cheeks, eyes and face you directly interact with bedding, Well if your skin is sensitive then it will imprint facial wrinkles. Or it could be your sleeping pad Ceramic glove with soft material.

Trying to do to sleep on your back, because this is also an attempt to get shiny healthy skin, it helps position the head higher than the heart, so that when you wake up puffy eyes invisible, because the liquid does not accumulate around the eyes. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day,to keep your body fresh, not dehydrated, so skin looks healthy and shiny.
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Go fruity. Eat loads of fruits and vegetables. Focus on fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and copper because these compounds help protect the skin. facilitative site

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