How to Create Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes
On many occasions every woman would want to look beautiful and sexy. One part of the body that can highlight the sexiness of a woman is the eye. Many options eye makeup can enhance your eyes and your sexy aura, One of the women is often chosen style smokey eyes. Make up smokey eyes could reinforce the line your eyes and make you look more sexy. This eye makeup also may be an option for you or a slant-eyed glaze your eyes to enlarge the view.

To form the smokey eyes, supplies needed are:

1. Cream concealer (cream cover stains)

2. Eyeliner pencils.
Preferably black or gray.

3. Powder shadow.
Use three colors: dark brown, gray and dark green

4. Eyeshadow.
Choose natural or brightly colored, such as ivory.

5. Eyelash Curler

6. Black mascara. 7. Eyebrow pencil.
Choose black.

These steps to form the smokey eyes:

1. Apply a cream concealer to the eyelid for eyeshadow base and soften your eyeshadow look.

2. The shape of your eyes with eyeliner pencil to form a line from the inside to the outside at the top and bottom of the eye. Disguise line had formed by pressing and sliding slowly using the eyeliner brush.

3. Combine three color powder shadow (brown, gray and dark green). Dab on eye lids and the crease of your eyes, point out.

4. Put a light colored eyeshadow on your eye bone to highlight your eyes look smokey. How to put on a good eyeshadow is menyapukannya one direction repeatedly, not back and forth.

5. Pinch your lashes. For those who have short eyelashes, false eyelashes can stick.

6. Use thick mascara effect on your lashes. Allow to dry, then flops again memperlentik your lashes to lashes. You can also read the article a good way to wear mascara to maximize your lashes look.

7. Do not forget to shape your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil dark or black to reinforce the impression of smokey eyes on your eyes.

Do not forget to wear lipstick that matches the style of your smokey eyes. You can choose a soft color lipstick or close to the color of skin. Nude or coral color options that can add a little lip gloss adds a sexy smokey eyes you.
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