Make Up Like Korea Artist

Make Up Like Korea Artist
Korean artist indeed was much loved by our youth today. Not only in terms of clothing, even everything about Korea a trending topic everywhere, no exception hair and make up. Yes, it is not surprising that Korean makeup artists are not flashy, and seem natural and a trend nowadays, especially in Indonesia. If you must admit, you are certainly pleased with the styles of the artists dressed beautiful Korean? Recognized or not, that's reality, the Korean artist to look more beautiful and elegant with a simple makeup style.

Actually pretty Korean makeup style is not separated from the skin condition that Korean women average natural white and clean. So, do not blame if some people who may have tried to follow their makeup style was not appropriate and satisfactory results. It may be due to different skin types. However, you do not necessarily discouraged. Although it does not have skin as white and clean as the original Korean stars, not hurt you to try her makeup tricks, who knows suits you.

Basically, Korean style makeup style that was his hallmark, the makeup that looks like a doll immaculate as or better known as flawless. And here are basic tips that you can follow:

1. Make skin glow The general nature of the performances make up the Korean artist is their skin that seemed to glow. Skin like this will certainly be obtained if there were no stains on it.
And to get the facial skin without stains on your makeup, first apply concealer on stains found on your face. Keep the color of concealer close to the color of your skin to avoid the color difference. Then, after that use a liquid foundation evenly all over the face. Liquid Foundation will be more look more natural than if you use a solid type.
Continue to the next stage is to make the skin glow by applying a powder, and continued with glitter powder to the parts of the face such as the particular forehead, cheekbones, and nose. Colored fresh blush of pink be used after application glitter powder is completed.

2. Tidy eyebrows
When tidying your eyebrows, use an eyebrow knife to ensure the same thickness. Because Korean women usually like thick eyebrows, so do not be too thin to cut your eyebrows. Once cutting is complete, cut eyebrows are still out of line with scissors. Furthermore, to make it more natural, use black mascara. Do not forget to choose a good mascara that does not clump results.

3. Eye makeup
Because most Korean women eye is small, to outsmart, they use soft contact lenses with a larger diameter. This method is certainly no need to do if you have a large eye size and good. In addition, the glue used to make an impression on the eye crease. Apply eyeshadow with shiny but the color must comply with the color of your skin. Use eye pencil to line the eyes and then cut with a cotton bud. Next, add sparkling white eyeshadow on your tear line.

4. Lip makeup
No need to be a lot of smear on the lips. You just need to apply a glossy lipstick with a pink or natural colors that match the color of your skin.

Following the Korean styles are not wrong, but more importantly you have to do is keep being yourself, Remembering Korean women leather white and clean, then the make-up artist there tend dared to experiment with different styles available. But sometimes, it may not be appropriate if applied to some women in Indonesia. You will feel more confident with something more worthy of your wearing. but if the above makeup tricks can make you more confident, it does not hurt to try.

Happy reading and hopefully useful.
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