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Natural Secrets
Beautiful woman is a woman who appear as it is, well although currently cosmetics are made to help women look more beautiful and perfect. But you should know that every woman basically has beauty that is different even without cosmetics.

If you are one of the women who are always hanging with cosmetics it does not hurt ever tried to perform without cosmetics.

Here are some secrets that facial beauty treatments you can do to stay beautiful naturally:

1. Always Smiling
A friendly face and a smile is certainly not easy to make people forget. You will be surprised, if imagining what people will remember, when your face is gorgeous because cosmetic but no smile when meeting someone or without cosmetics but full of smiles. Which do you choose? This tip is the most inexpensive and easy to do.

2. Always Doing Good
Which one would you choose? Being a beautiful woman like a supermodel but hated for bad behavior, or become an ordinary woman but a lot of people love because your heart is beautiful? Rest assured, true beauty comes from the heart.

3. Keeping Your Weight
To maintain your weight, do regular exercise. Exercise can build muscle, if coupled with the right diet. Not only maintain your weight, exercise will also keep bone structure, health, and fitness of your body.

4. Eating Healthy Foods
There is a proverb that says, you are what you eat. If your food comes mostly from processed foods too salty, too sweet and fatty foods, then do not be surprised if it is seen in the appearance of hair, skin, and nails. Eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits every day to get the maximum performance.

5. Caring for Your Hair Generally
people are very happy with people who can take care of her appearance. Give more attention to your body, especially pay attention to the cleanliness of your hair. Choose a model that conforms to the shape of your face, because your appearance is not only the face, right?.

6. Choosing Clothing Is Right For clothing
you can begin to choose the model or color. Choose the most suitable personality, tastes, and comfort you. Do not forget to adjust it according to the needs and conditions when you wear them.
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