Secrets of Women

Secrets of Women
Although no longer young and have been married for a long time, does not mean you can not look sexy in front of the couple. To seduce her husband, not only the best lingerie to wear, you have to dress up as possible.

Little effort to appear more attractive in the bedroom will arouse him. Here it is five beauty treatments should be done before having sex:

1. Wear Sweet Scented Lotion
Make him a lingering touch your delicate skin with sweet-scented body lotion such as vanilla, chocolate or fruits. According to research from the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Center in Chicago, the sweet scents can make a man instantly excited and want to make love.

2. Apply Lip Gloss with Sense
Most men would rather her look pretty natural than wearing heavy makeup while in bed. But that does not mean you let your lips just plain. Apply lip gloss transparent red vanilla or strawberry flavored. When you kiss, the more he will feel the sweet sensation that can increase your sex drive.

3. Perfume
Wear a sensual perfume like musk. No need to squirt the body. Simply spray twice in the wrist, then rub both wrists and rub into the neck and cleavage. Some spots are enough to make you look more exciting.

4. Wear Eye Lashes
The couple may not be aware that your lashes become thicker, tapering and length. But he'll notice is, your eyes more big and beautiful as you stared at each other. Beautiful eyes is one of the main female sex appeal for men. Choose eyelash thickness and length with a natural, if too thick will seem excessive.

5. Decorative Nails with red nail polish
Red is a color that symbolizes passion, so do not be surprised if he can develop his sexual passion when you wear something this seductive color. If red lingerie is not an option, you can put red nail polish on your nails beautiful. For a more captivating results, you should do manicure-pedicure at the salon.

6. Brazillian Wax
You can look sexier with 'dressing' hair in the area Miss V. Take the time to do a brazillian wax and ask the beauty therapist for not waxing the hair. Leave a little over Miss V with inverted triangles or hearts. But if you do not have much time to go to the waxing,just do the thinning with a razor to make it look cleaner.
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