Simple tips for weight loss

Most of us feel it as a tough thing to do exrecise daily and lose weight.Something is better than nothing.So here is a damn sure tips to lose weight with minor changes in your daily diet.These tips were used for every men and women.Many of us feel that these tips won't work much effectively.But it's a wrong thinf.First follow these tips and then observe the changes occured in your weight.In order to follow these tips you dont need to spend the extra time.The main thing you need to do is just have a small change in your diet.


Easy and followable tips for weight loss:

1.Glass of water before Break fast:

Firstly,in the early morning after waking up you need to drink a glass of water.This helps you most to lose your weight.Our body needs lot of water.So drinking more water is very imoortant before break fast.So that you will take the break fast in limited way.

2.Include juicy fruits and vegetables in your diet:

Juicy fruits like water melon,orange,pine apple were very good for health.Eating these fruits wont increase your weight.Tomato contains 96% of water content .So prepare the delicious dishes in your home only with the tasty vegetables .Include leafy vegetables daily in your diet.

3.Try Grazing:

Instead of having 3 large meals a day,have  4 to 5 grazes.Grazing means having 4 to 5 small meals .This indicates that taking less food many times is better than the more food at a time.This is an excellent way to eat less food.

4.Eat only when you feel hungry:

Many of us  eat  to do time pass and most of us take snacks between meals.This is a one of the reason to increase weight.So,if you feel hungry at the time gap between meals.Take fruits and vegetables. Carrots are very good for eyes and teeth too.So dont eat to do time pass.Eat only if you are hungry.

5.Three eggs per week:

Egg  is a healthy food in the diet. So the main thing is to inlcude eggs in your diet.Three eggs per week is very useful to reduce your weight.

6.Have a limit sugar:

Eat fruits rather than fruit jucies because fruit juices includes the sugar and other artificial flavours .Not only the fruit juices,also you should decrease the intake of sugar content.Instead of sugar,have a sugar substitutes.
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