Black heads are commonly  found on the face.These blackheads  were mostly found in oil skin.The black heads can be grown into pimples.Prevention is better than cure.Natural tips for the blackheads can be followed  and cured easily.The items that were used to remove black heads were
2.Lemon Juice
3.Olive Oil

Tips with potato:

The main thing you need to remove the black heads is raw potato.The potato should not contain any  black and green spots.Grate this raw potato and rub the grated potato on the  blackheads  for ten minutes gently.Wash your face after it getting dried.

Tips with the lemon juice:

1.Most of the tips will be worked out surely when you follow it regularly.To remove the black heads apply lemon juice on the face so that the black heads can be removed and also you can get rid of oily skin.
2.Take 1tsp of sugar and  some  drops of lemon juice .Genlty rub that  on the black heads i.e  on cheeks,nose.So that you can reduce the black heads.This solution is also used to gain glow to the skin.
3.Take 2tsp of curd,2 tsp of lemon juice,2tsp of oatmeal powder.Apply this mixture to the  black heads on the face for 10 minutes.Wash the face with water.It is very useful.

Tips with Olive Oil:

1.Mixture of few drops of Olive Oil and lemon juice is very useful for the removal of black heads.Apply  this mixture to the black heads on the face for sometime and wash it off.
2.Massage the Olive Oil on your face frequently .This is very useful to prevent the blackheads on your face.So apply the Olive Oil on your face and get rid of the black heads.Apply this Olive oil for 15 minutes and cover your face with the wet cloth that should be warm .This warm cloth removes the dirt from the skin and loosen the blackhead to cure.

Some other easy tips for the removal of black heads:

1.Clean your face daily with rose water.This prevents the dark circles to be occured.
2.Wash your face daily with the salt water to prevent the dark circles.
3.Tomato juice  applying for 20 minutes on the face is also used to  remove the black heads.
4.Apply aloe vera juice on the cheeks,nose,face inorder to get rid of black heads.
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